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Unknown Plant at the Edge of the Arctic # 1-9 I modular group of works I 2017 ongoing >
Sky Piece I installation I 2016 >
Nature's End or: Beyond the Horizon I mixed media I 2017 >
Measuring the World I group of works I 2014-15
Untitled I installation I 2013
Dublette's Double Doubled I object I 2013 >
Material Re:Production Studies I 10-part group of works I mixed media I 2013 >


< Bilder eines Objektes > I ASPN Gallery, Leipzig 2018 (S) >
Unsichere Geschichte I KLEMM'S, Berlin 2017 (G) >
A little Thing that can turn into Anything at Anytime I Raum.Weisz, Leipzig 2014 (S)